Finding My Style (And How It Inspired Our Brand)

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A love of clothes

I love clothes but have struggled to find "my style".

Over the years I have tried all sorts of trends and fashions. Many of which were never designed with my curves in mind (but that is a story for another day - or not)!

Once I reached my thirties I spotted some patterns.

I realised that I (like many other women) often choose muted colour palettes and classic styling for my outfits.

I always reach for clothes in blue, white or grey and I'm happiest when in a pair of denim jeans and a classic shirt or t-shirt.

I occasionally wear something a little brighter but I tend to quickly revert back to form.

So the obvious thing to do was to follow the advice of all of those fashion magazine articles I'd read over the years.

I built myself a capsule wardrobe.

Finding my style blog post

My capsule wardrobe

I filled my wardrobe with skinny jeans, t-shirts, blouses, a few great jackets in blues and greys. I included some skate shoes and a pair of blue boots.

For more formal occasions I added a couple of grey and blue pencils skirts and dresses in similar shades with some sandals and heels.

It was great. Whatever I picked out of the wardrobe seamlessly matched with everything else and there were endless combinations.

I had my dream wardrobe of clothes.

I decluttered and donated all of the other clothes I didn't wear to a charity shop.

There was space in my drawers and hanging clothes up was easy. I no longer had to fight to fit yet another hanger on to an already bursting rail.

Shopping became easier too - clothes either fitted my "look" or they didn't. No more regretted purchases. No more dresses hanging in my wardrobe for six months with the label still on because I didn't have anything to wear it with.

Life was great, and I'd found my style.

Something missing

However, soon the doubts crept in.

I realised something was missing.


My personality.

Everything I wore matched, but it was all so ... well ... plain.

Oh and don't get me wrong. I've always loved colour. Everything from soft and feminine pinks and light blues to deep and rich purples and greens.

I just don't tend to buy or wear colourful clothes.

What I needed was a way to add colour to my outfits.

The problem was that so many of the colourful jewellery I saw in high street stores reminded me of plastic necklaces I wore as a child when playing dress up.

I wanted to be able to add a splash of personality and colour without being too over the top and without feeling like a child.

New beginnings

So I started to make my own jewellery with high quality materials and sophisticated and elegant colour combinations.

That became the driving force behind my brand Katie Gowers Design. We design and make stylish colourful handmade jewellery.

And we love doing it!

Have you found your style?

What are the key fashion accessories you can't live without? Do you stick to a muted colour palette for your outfits? What are your favourite colours to wear?

We would love to hear your thoughts!

Let us know in the comments!

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