How To Style Your Little Black Dress

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We all know a little black dress can be so elegant and chic, but styling them? That's more of a challenge. 

Have you got a little black dress (or two) sitting at the back of your wardrobe? 

Does it only see daylight when you have to go to an interview or funeral?

What a shame! But, don't worry today I'm sharing three ways to use accessories to breathe new life in to your little black dress. 

Outfit one is perfect for going from day to night with bold and elegant green accessories.

Outfit two was made for lunch with the girls or even date night - a fun and stylish outfit with magenta and purple accessories.

Outfit three is a more formal look perfect for parties or a prom and uses a monotone palette of black, white and silver. Don't be fooled though, this will make as big a statement as the brightest looks!

Ready to be inspired? Let's go ...

How to style your little black dress blog post

Outfit 1

A Little Black Dress With Emerald Green Accessories

A little black dress like this one is so versatile! Here I am going to dress it up for a day to night look with stunning green accessories.

Shoes are really key to a look like this. Whether you love heels or prefer a flat - something luxurious with a clear colour is perfect. I love these velvet looking shoes which add a touch of elegance and texture.

Next a beautiful clutch to keep everything safe and a stunning jacket to keep you warm in to the evening!

And finally, to complete the look - some stunning green mix and match jewellery!

Handmade Green Jewellery Mix and Match Grid


Outfit 2

A Little Black Dress With Magenta Accessories

Here we have another little black dress, but this time with a little more detailing (I just love this large lace look!). I've chosen this outfit for Saturday afternoon drinks with the girls or even date night! Bold, bright and if I end up staying out there's no issue because I'm going to look great. I love this statement coat which is not only practical but immediately adds some personality to the outfit. 

Again a choice of heels and flats - both of which I love! I can't wear heels for any length of time these days but, that doesn't mean missing out on style!

I couldn't resist this clutch bag when I was choosing items for this look. A clear bright colour and simple but stylish shape.

As always, the final step is some bright and colourful jewellery - in this case some beautiful pieces in magenta and purple.

Magenta Infinity Knot Bracelet by Katie Gowers Design  Magenta and Purple Beaded Bracelet by Katie Gowers Design  Kumihimo Necklace with beads in magenta and purple from Katie Gowers Design  Purple gemstone beaded bracelet by katie gowers design  


Outfit 3

A Little Black Dress With Monotone Accessories

If you have been following this blog for long you'll know I just love colour! However, sometimes (especially with more formal looks) sticking to a monotone palette of black, white and silver can be just as dramatic as the most colourful outfit.

It can exude elegance and style and it certainly doesn't have to be boring! 

This is a party outfit and so the little black dress I've chosen is slightly more formal. 


Again we have a choice of heels and flats (but I've stuck to pure black - very simple and chic).

Next, a stylish clutch bag and gorgeous wrap with feather details.

And, finally some stunning black, white and silver jewellery which will add a little sparkle and interest to the outfit. A braided statement necklace with delicate black, white and grey glass beads.
Black white and silver statement beaded necklace

With matching bracelets to tie the look together.

 Black braided friendship bracelet by katie gowers design  Black and white beaded bracelet by katie gowers design

There's nothing boring about this outfit, despite the muted colour palette!     

What do you think?

Did you find something you loved?  Would you like to see more content like this from us? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Let us know in the comments.


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how to style your little black dress blog post

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