How to choose the perfect length, colour and type of necklace for you and your outfit!

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Necklaces make a beautiful addition to an outfit and can really add a splash of personality and elegance. 

There are so many designs and styles available and it can be a bit intimidating to know what works with different looks.

We are going to talk about finding your style and how to choose the perfect lengths, colours and type of necklace for you and your outfit.

With party season just around this corner we hope this will give you some top tips to consider when choosing your necklace.


What lengths suit you?

This will depend on several factors including the shape of your face and the length of your hair.

I often find the style that suits me most is a choker necklace. I think this is because it draws attention away from my jawline and makes my neck (which is quite short) look longer and more prominent.

The best way to discover what suits you is to try on lot's of different styles of necklace and see which feel right.

Oh yes, this is the perfect excuse to go window shopping at your favourite department store and try jewellery on in front of the mirror.

You are welcome!

Even better, take someone with you for a shopping trip and compare notes.

Be aware that the neckline of the top you are wearing will influence this (see below).

The weight of the necklace can also make a difference, so try some delicate styles as well as some chunky styles in different lengths.

You may find one (or more) really feels right. 

You may like them all and have no strong preference - that's OK too!

What lengths suit the top you are wearing?

Typically open collar shirts suit a medium length necklace (say 45 - 50 cm).

High neck jumpers suit either a short necklace (40 cm) that mirrors the neckline of the top or longer necklaces that hangs lower and contrast with it (55 cm +).

Deep plunging necklines can suit both a choker necklace (40 cm) or a necklace that sits a few inches above the front of the dress and top (say 60 cm). 

Again the best way to see what suits an outfit best is to try a few out. 

If you have a strong preference for a necklace length that suits you then consider choosing tops that compliment or contrast with that favourite length. 

Necklace length examples on Katie Gowers Design

What lengths feel comfortable?

This is the most important consideration of all.

Some people feel really uncomfortable wearing choker necklaces that are close to the neck. If this is you, find another length that works!

I feel uncomfortable with necklaces that are very long (I just envisage them getting snagged on something). 

Choose something you feel comfortable in and feels true to you!


Your style

There is no right or wrong answer here!

The thing I love about choosing an outfit is that it's something that is personal to me. 

My style.

Try to embrace your own style whatever that is.

If you love wearing an outfit with every colour under the sun - go for it!

If you love chic and simple colour palettes - that's good too.

Be true to you and what you like.

You can push the boundaries and experiment, but don't wear something that makes you very uncomfortable.

Below are some examples of different ways to match a necklace to an outfit. 


I find people tend to wear either silver or gold.

They can be mixed very effectively but many people don't.

Sometimes a simple, stylish chain and pendant is as effective as any big and bold colours.

Silver works really well with blues and greys while gold looks stunning against greens and blacks.

Sometimes simple is best and this is enough.

A pop of colour

Sometimes it's nice to use jewellery (or other accessories) to add a pop of colour to an otherwise monotone outfit. 

Try matching red to a blue or black outfit.

Or, a touch of blue, purple or turquoise for a grey outfit.

Green also makes an elegant addition to a black outfit.

If you want to be really bold you could match orange with a blue outfit! This really makes a statement but looks stunning.

A small splash of colour is a lovely way to add a bit of personality without feeling you are being over the top or drawing too much attention to yourself.

This look is great for work or casual outfits.

We have a Pinterest board dedicated to colourful accessories.

Follow the board on Pinterest now!

Colourful accessories


Another very effective look is to just stick with a monotone look and add no colour at all.

Whether you go all black, or mix up black, grey and white, it can look amazing!

You can still wear jewellery with this look - just choose something in silver, black, white and or grey that matches the monotone palette and adds a little sparkle.

This can look really smart!

Need some inspiration? We have just started a Pinterest board for black, white and grey fashion accessories which we will be adding lot's of ideas and inspiration to.

Follow the board on Pinterest now!

Black, grey and white fashion accessories



Some necklaces are really delicate and thin whilst others are chunky and large.

Again choosing a shape and weight of necklace works best one of two ways: complimentary or contrasting.



Sometimes a super simple top suits an equally simple necklace. 

For example, a dark blue open collar shirt can look really stunning with a simple delicate necklace. 

Maybe a chain and small pendant or a single strand delicate bead necklace.

Peacock beaded necklace

A single strand delicate necklace with complimentary colours


A simple top can also hold a chunky statement necklace. The bigger and brighter the better.

This is because the statement contrasts so beautifully with the simplicity of the top. 

This compliment or contrast choice also works for a very bright or complex neckline. 

You could either compliment with an equally bright and elaborate necklace or contrast with a simple and quiet design. 

Purple and magenta statement necklace

A chunky statement necklace with contrasting colours

In my experience if you find the middle ground (in both how elaborate your top and necklace are) it just doesn't work as well. 

But, this is all about experimenting so try a few things and see what you like!



Of course you don't have to only wear one necklace at a time. 

Layered necklaces can look stunning.

Try layering three simple delicate necklaces for a chic and stylish look.

For something more dramatic layer three necklaces where the shortest and longest are quite simple but the middle length is a statement necklace.

Both of these looks can be very effective and result in a very stylish and confident look.


In summary

  • Different people suit different lengths and weights of necklace - this is the perfect excuse for window shopping and seeing what suits you.
  • Never ignore what you feel comfortable in.
  • Don't shy away from your own style whether that's paired back or completely over the top! Both are wonderful as long as you're being true to yourself and your style.
  • You can use colourful necklaces (and other accessories) to add a splash of colour to an otherwise boring outfit
  • On the other hand monotone outfits with matching monotone jewellery can be very stylish and effective
  • Choose to compliment or contrast with how elaborate your top or dress is
  • Layering (by wearing more than one necklace at a time) can also be very effective


Any thoughts?

Was this guide useful? Do you have a favourite length or style of necklace that you wear over and over again? Do you like to compliment or contrast jewellery with your outfit? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Let us know in the comments.


Sign off for Katie at Katie Gowers Design


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