Abstract art


 Abstract art painting tools Abstract art by Katie Gowers
Abstract art by Katie Gowers Art tools and acrylic paint


My paintings

Painting is the best way for me to release stress and relax. It's no secret that I struggle with anxiety. Abstract art is one of the most successful ways I have found to help control my symptoms. I get peace from the world for a little while and it's a very precious and intimate process for me.  

On Instagram

At present I don't sell my paintings online (my main focus is jewellery) but you may stumble across my work online as I have started to share it to an Instagram account (instagram.com/katiegowersart). 

I am not ruling out launching some collections of my paintings in the future but there are no plans at the moment. 

Do feel free to follow me on Instagram to see new pieces! I'd love to see you there so come and say hello.